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8 January 2009

Who Are You? I Really Want to Know!

Written for the 9th Edition Smile For The Camera – A Carnival Of Images

I’ve posted this picture for the 4th Carnival of Genealogy in which we were to choose a favorite photo.  And I posted it and a companion photo in an even earlier post.  Could be that I’m a little obsessed with these photos.

The guy on the left is my paternal grandfather, Thaddeus Morrison Osborne (1888 TX – 1982 TX).   One of my nephews looks like him in this picture.  You can see at the bottom of the picture someone has written “T.M.O.”–I don’t know who was the identifier, but I do know my dad’s cousin gave me this picture.  Her mother was T.M.O.’s sister.

But the question is, who is the other guy?

And what about the “other guy” in this one?

I don’t think they are the same person with Granddad in each photo, but who are they?  And what got my grandfather to a studio to have these pictures taken?  (I’ve also written about how I have copies of studio pictures of all of his siblings, even of his father, but no such photo of him.)

I really want to know.  Who are the other two guys in these photos?  At the bottom of that question, of course, is another quest–I think I am hoping if I know who they are, I’ll know more about my granddad.


3 Responses to “Who Are You? I Really Want to Know!”

  1. Was your grandfather in the military? I know my husband’s uncle had some unusual pictures taken with his Navy buddies.

  2. Interesting blog – I stumbled upon it looking for information on Vy Higginsen. I will be back to read more.

  3. Such interesting photos! I hope you find some answers.

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